The Relevance of Full Contact Training

Like with most things that you invest time to learn, you will fantasies/day dream of how good it will be when you reach your goal. This could be learning guitar or learning another language, and the fantasy of that could be playing with Eric Clapton or ordering in fluent Spanish to impress a girl/boy in a tapas restaurant.

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beginners induction online

Lockdown Offer – Online Classes

Online Classes Lockdown – Beginners Induction What will martial arts do for you? In a world of technology, the connection between body and mind sometimes gets lost. Going to the gym sure is good for your body, and there is plenty you can do for your soul. Yet there is

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Online-Dojo Logo

Online Dojo

The Online Dojo From our Covid19 response grows our future Online Dojo: Resources and live lessons that can be joined around the world.   The perfect companion for training in the dojo, offering high flexibility and lots of additional knowledge. Learning martial arts online – is that even possible? The short answer

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