Kids Karate

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What is Bonsai Martial Arts?

Coming from Germany to the UK, Bonsai Martial Arts is a proven system of teaching basic martial arts to young children: Health and fitness, social skills, conflict competence, teamwork, empathy and assertiveness, discipline and the ability to cope with difficulties and challenges.

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What is Missing Link Martial Arts?

Our lessons are based on Missing Link, a modern style connecting Japanese Karate to its Chinese roots. We are not fussing about with competition, we open the world of martial arts to your kids at a fair price and with a clear outlook to grow more into it as they grow older themselves. Read more about The Missing Link Concept.

Why should your children learn with us?

Because we care. We care for martial arts and what people of all ages can learn from it. It’s a wealth of knowledge far beyond the ability to kick or punch. Personal development is the top issue on our agenda, and your family can be part of it. Want to know more? Have a look at the book “Bonsai Martial Arts”, available in book stores or on Amazon.  

Children are the most demanding group of students for martial arts instructors. We work with a whole team of teachers. The experience and ability to work with children is their main talent – while we also take care that there is always a black belt in every lesson. Head of our Bonsai team is Heero, who has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years in many different countries and is one of the founding members of Missing Link.  

Kids Class Schedule




Single Session

£5 per person per lesson 

Special Monthly Family Contract

£29 per adult

£18.90 for the 1st child

£12.90 for the 2nd child

£5.90 for every additional child

Joining fee £30 (one-time)

Annual license fee £20 

Membership includes a shirt and insurance for the first year.

Check out our Bonsai Martial Arts Book on Amazon!

School Clubs

Karate in schools: Sport. Skills. Social learning.  
Martial arts are good for kids. Studies have proven this fact, especially in combination with highly competitive sports, even if they are played in teams. The reason is the high level of mindfulness coming with martial arts training, for the individual as well as in interaction with others. Combat sports address matters of conflict, anger and communication like hardly any other form of physical education.  

After school clubs with Manchester Karate are a solid way to introduce intelligent, sophisticated martial arts concepts to children.  

Do you want more info? Download our FREE “After School Club” pdf.

The Manchester Concept: Training with a Cycle System

Similar to our adult classes, we adopt a cycle concept for the children‘s classes. Every cycle lasts 3 months and has a fixed set of techniques, principles, motor skills and forms as focus.  

These contents are then used for the grading ceremony at the end of the three months – a little seminar and an exam. The kids receive a diploma and their belt colour changes after three of these ceremonies.  

After 15 cycles the whole system repeats. All kids train together, no matter what belt colour. Kids who stay with us for a longer while might see the repetition of the circle, but that will just support their successful learning.  
When they get older, kids can decide to move on to the adult curriculum, which also opens a path to Kuro Obi, the black belt, and the following Okuden/Kaiden Masterlevels.