International Lockdown Classes

Manchester Karate newsletter January 2021

Active Lockdown – Keep Training
Seemingly perpetual lockdowns make training even more important than usual. Until we are back in the dojo, we will offer Online classes via Zoom throughout the week. Free international Zoom classes are coming to your living room over the next weeks. 
In the course of the last months, we have discovered online training to be much better than we expected. Yes, it lacks important things for a holistic training – but it delivers a very own kind of focus. 
In the future, online training will be part of our regular training mix. 
Our free classes start on Thursday, 28th at 19.00 British time/20.00 European time with Sensei Jorge F. Garibaldi. Join in here. 

The Online-Dojo

The Missing Link Online Dojo offers classes throughout the week. While training online might be the only way during lockdown, afterwards Zoom classes will always be an addition to regular training. 
This is why we keep it affordable: For £7.99 you can train wherever you like – and if you join the Missing Link Community for £20 per year, you can also access our ever growing knowledge- and tutorial database. 

Missing Link Gear

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Missing Link Membership

Don’t forget: With your Missing Link Membership you also have access to the Members Area at the Community Website. A growing database with knowledge, video tutorials and general information. If you are a Missing Link member (which means you have yearly license, bookable via the website or on your contract), access is free. Just log in on the website 
Find more information about Missing Link at – 
or about Missing Link UK and training in Greater Manchester here: