Day of Action: Cobra Kai themed induction

A long summer lies ahead of us, including the school holidays, but we are already planning for the future.
On September 9th, the new season of Cobra Kai, everyone’s favourite Karate show, starts. We deliver the proper experience: Saturday, September 10th, we invite for our Induction Seminar at The Angel Centre. Mark the date, and invite friends and family. You can find the Facebook event here:

Summer break!

Okuden Session – pressure training

With the summer holidays ahead, many people are travelling. Because of this, we move the next Okuden Session in order to make it possible for everyone to attend. The “Pressure training” happens on September 10th, right after the Cobra Kai event. Sign up now!

International Seminar

And as already announced before: Don’t forget the Missing Link Seminar in Germany in August! Meerbusch is bang in the middle of North Rhine Westphalia, with access to cities like Düsseldorf, Cologne or Koblenz and the whole Rhine Valley around us. Here is the Facebook Link:

Missing Link Membership

Don’t forget: With your Missing Link Membership you also have access to the Members Area at the Community Website. A growing database with knowledge, video tutorials and general information. If you are a Missing Link member (which means you have yearly license, bookable via the website or on your contract), access is free. Just log in on the website 
Find more information about Missing Link at – 
or about Missing Link UK and training in Greater Manchester here: