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Online Classes Lockdown - Beginners Induction

What will martial arts do for you?

In a world of technology, the connection between body and mind sometimes gets lost. Going to the gym sure is good for your body, and there is plenty you can do for your soul. Yet there is no better source of health and fitness than the ancient fighting arts.  Born in conflict, deeply rooted in Asian philosophy, focused on a holistic lifestyle, they answer many questions of modern life. And they are also quite good if you want to learn how to pack a punch. Martial arts can make you feel better and be safer on many levels.  
In times of Covid19, life had to move online for a while. ​For Karate, that was a real challenge and also an amazing chance. The online classes we started during lockdown will carry on, together with a growing database of knowledge and hands-on tutorials: 
These web offers will be a free addition for people training in Missing Link dojos in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Malta. They are open for everybody, though – pay by lesson or for a small monthly fee. 
And here is YOUR Beginner’s Induction on Zoom. You can join single classes via our booking form here. But you can also go all in and use our very special.

Lockdown Offer

Join Manchester Karate now on our Online Beginner’s contract and start your journey into martial arts in the comfort of your own home, via Zoom. As soon as lockdown ends, you can use the whole range of classes in Manchester: Online, and in the dojo.  
Which means: 6 days training per week, including lunchtime classes, weekend sessions and online lessons. And no, you don’t have to attend all of them, but you can – and all that at £17.99 per month until the end of the year, if you join now during lockdown

Find Health and Balance

The last months were difficult for many, so be nice to yourself and make your start back into real life as powerful as smooth. Train with us every week online, discover martial arts and get back in shape – and you can start now.  
The Beginner’s Induction online starts on: Wednesday, June 17th 2020.  
It will be on every Wednesday at 18.15 (GMT +1) on Zoom.  
The first two classes are FREE for everybody, so get on board!   
You find all our free classes under this link.