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The Online Dojo

From our Covid19 response grows our future Online Dojo: Resources and live lessons that can be joined around the world.  
The perfect companion for training in the dojo, offering high flexibility and lots of additional knowledge.

Learning martial arts online – is that even possible?

The short answer is: No. Martial Arts needs the whole person, connects body and mind. Learning it is based on experience in the dojo, with and without partner, with a good teacher who literally stays in touch with their students. It takes time, patience and endurance and a lot of hard work.

Yet there are plenty of things where online resources will benefit the dedicated martial artist: Tutorials (in video or text), background knowledge, lectures of all kind, the learning and drilling of techniques and forms – and to a degree even the training with a partner.

For us, one of the main chances of online training is to connect martial artists across borders. While living far apart from each other, or while traveling, it’s still possible to gain skills and exchange experiences.