Tier 3 Information

Manchester Karate newsletter December 2020

Active Lockdown – Keep Training

The end of national lockdown doesn’t bring a lot of changes to Manchester. We are firmly in Tier 3, and that means, we still can’t train in the dojo.
The Online Dojo remains open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – plus the Beginner’s Induction on Saturday 15.45, online instead of in the dojo.

We will trail the information available constantly and keep you in the loop. Keep training. Staying active is important now more than ever. 

All the infos remain on the page: 

The Noon-Martyrium

Our first Noon Martyrium was a full success… so on request we will keep going with it. Every Wednesday, 12noon, be prepared to suffer with friends. Join us on Zoom: 

The Noon Martyrium. 

Missing Link Membership

Don’t forget: With your Missing Link Membership you also have access to the Members Area at the Community Website. A growing database with knowledge, video tutorials and general information. If you are a Missing Link member (which means you have yearly license, bookable via the website or on your contract), access is free. Just log in on the website www.missinglinkmartialarts.com 
Find more information about Missing Link at www.missinglinkmartialarts.com – 
or about Missing Link UK and training in Greater Manchester here: www.missinglink-martialarts.uk